BE DO BE not Do BE Do the secret of elite performance

A reply to Dan on the MythoSelf list: I wrote last time about the moment of enlightenment I had in the NLP Trainers Training with Richard Bandler. I thought from there what would get me more of that was to do more training. To be the person at the front of the room, talking to the group of people (quite a transformation for a stutterer). I did another NLP Trainers Training this time with Rex Sikes in Milwaukee, I’d wanted to train with Rex because I’d heard lots of good things about him, his co-development of DHE with Richard for example, and as a former Hollywood actor obviously he had the credentials to know about performance. And he didn’t disappoint, I’ve never done so much concentrated improv to such demanding direction.

I used to think performance was all about getting yourself ready to act the part of the Trainer on stage. I’ve been a behind the scenes guy at many NLP training’s, I’ve seen the reality of life offstage and the performance once they go on stage. If you’ve been to any NLP conferences where they have meetings of the trainers (the one’s where the paying public isn’t generally invited) like the one’s in the UK at Regents College you see the reality of these professional communicators who can’t communicate with each other. Or if you hang about on some of the NLP lists it’s like being in a pub or bar during the day with those people who talk about putting the world to rights, but only after the next drink…

Most people have given up believing they can make a difference and have sold their souls for the comfort of enough pieces of silver to satiate themselves with life in consumer paradise. This is ultimately unsustainable. As Joseph Campbell said people build the ladder of success to find they’ve placed it against the wrong wall. Joseph Riggio calls this structural illformedness.

To cut a long story short and get to the point I thought I had to be doing stuff that got me to feel the way I wanted to be rather than starting with myself and being the way I want to be first. As Joseph says it’s BE DO BE, not DO BE DO :-)

Now I don’t NEED to be the person centre stage I get MUCH more satisfaction being me. One of the key secrets to elite performers is that they’re NOT “doing a performance” as in NOT being genuine or authentic and just acting as if. What they are doing is being themselves, open, authentic, being vulnerable and sharing themselves, their real humanness with others. This, for those that have the courage to do this generates the charisma that is magnetically attractive. But this is not for everyone, as I said it takes courage to step up.

I actually don’t want to work with most people. Most people want their solution to match how they have defined their problem. A nice easy safe answer, like a lot of NLP, a band-aid, sticking-plaster, not a cure.

Dan, I’ve worked with people who stutter and of course where I start from is building the structural wellformedness that is what the Mythoself process does. From here it’s not a question of techniques to not stutter it’s just not doing the old patterns which are usually about where tension is held. As I said in the previous email I could still stutter if I wanted to, but instead I’ve gone where the problem is not so that’s not who I am any more.

The transformation that Joseph offers whether you do a MythoSelf training or go and attend Beyond Elite Performance I’ll continue with after mentioning Joseph’s description of that program as it’s worth reminding you, the people in this group, you’ve got a few more days to save $500 and yes these programs always sell out so why not save the $500 if there’s still space:


Some of the unique distinctions we’ll be covering will include over the entire program will include:

Elite Thinking

Aesthetic Performance

Elite Performance

Pattern Recognition

Personal Mythology

There will also be the opportunity for those who are interested to attain professional coaching certification as a result of attending this training series.

So I want to personally invite you to download the full Beyond Elite Performance … brochure, take your time with a cup of coffee or tea, or your favorite cold drink and see what it is that I’m putting out on offer these days. I’m sure you’ll find some of what you read familiar including my story about Roye, and yet you’ll also note a distinct difference in tone if you read both on the lines and between the lines carefully. I’d love to hear your comments when you’ve read through this material and even more I’d love to see you this summer in Denmark.

Lastly, if you have any questions whatsoever after reading the full Beyond Elite Performance … program brochure please call me and we’ll spend a few minutes clearing up whatever comes up for you personally.

PS - Also as you probably know the intensive summer programs are strictly limited in size;

Patterns of Personal Performance … 35 participants maximum

Patterns of Personal Transformation … 25 participants maximum

I apologize ahead of time to those of you who may not be able to attend because we have reached the limit of the group we can accommodate, but these programs in particular require me to strictly limit the group size to insure I will have the opportunity to work with everyone who does attend personally in some way and at some time.

PPS - Here’s the URL to download the brochure again for your convenience:CLICK HERE

The transformation is that it’s about you becoming who you were meant to be before the processes of enculturation forced you to compromise yourself. To be truly you. Think of the people you would describe as truly elite performers, do they fit the mould of the everyday person, or have they broken that and stepped out and stepped up as themselves?

This is what’s on offer.

To me the Bodhisattva vow describes this wonderfully, that you work for the enlightenment of all sentient creatures. You do this by being the change you want to see in the world. How you make a difference is you.

Talk soon