Are you an academic or an engineer?

I had an interesting conversation with a client of mine recently who’s an NLP Trainer. I asked him whether he was an academic or an engineer…. He at first said neither, he was an NLP Trainer!!

So I pointed out that he was behaving like an academic. He had a deep interest and fascination with his subject matter, it was an area he read widely in, that he thought about consistently and that coloured his use of language. It was the filter for how he was sorting for information in the world. You may have heard the phrase: “Where you place you attention is where you’ll get your results”.

I asked what different results would he get if he behaved more like an engineer?

The difference was that here he would be applying his knowledge, skills and ability to creating something. Which for him was a profound shift. I’ve noticed this tendency in a large number of people who train in NLP or Hypnosis or other personal development technologies or therapies that because they’ve focussed their attention on a particular domain that’s where their attention stays.

It’s the distinction between doing something for yourself and doing something for other people. So yes you need to develop yourself, but it’s in how you take that out and share it with others, with the rest of the world that’s where you can really make a difference. Success comes from how you successfully do that. Making a difference in the world.

If you can communicate the value you offer to others then they’ll buy your service. But only if that value relates to something they want. Your customer or client doesn’t care about you it’s always what’s in it for them.