Are you a Hero?

The 2nd season of Heros begins this evening on BBC2 here on the UK ( what I find interesting about this show, apart from it’s interesting visual style, is that’s it’s all about ordinary people like you and me who find themselves with extraordinary powers… So what would you do with a superpower?

The interesting bit here though is you don’t get to choose your superpower… This is the dilemma of the characters in Heroes. They get this extraordinary gift, but it’s not something they actually wish for.

Often the clients I coach are extraordinarily talented and yet they’re still stuck. Or they haven’t yet realised what their talent is. Or they know what that talent is but out of fear of the unknown hold back from pursuing and developing that ability.

Joseph Campbell, who was the worlds leading Mythologist, spoke about the ‘Hero’s Journey’. Which he distilled from the stories told throughout all our diverse cultures. He pointed out that unless you answer the call, unless you “follow your bliss” to use his famous phrase you end up living a life without passion, without joy, without all the things you long for and dream about. In fact those longings and dreams are calling you to your adventure, the question is will you answer or not?

You might like to listen to my teacher and mentor Dr. Joseph Riggio’s new internet radio show where he interviews some interesting people, who are in my opinion heroes.

Here’s the shows description:

The shift from living an ordinary life to living a life that is extraordinary and authentic often requires only a millimeter of change in attitude. Join Dr. Joseph Riggio and his guests as they talk about their failures and successes, the unique lessons they’ve learned and their tricks and tips for building a life from the inside out.

Listen to Joseph on Web Talk radio, click here.

Bio: Dr. Joseph Riggio works internationally as a strategic performance consultant and expert advisor, assisting clients personally, professionally and organizationally. He is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf® Process, Soma-Semantics® and the EPC2™ | Exquisite Performance Coaching & Consulting models. Joseph is most renown for his extraordinary insight into what motivates people and his unique ability to provoke them into taking action leading to personal, professional and organizational breakthroughs.

And if you’ve got children you want to help grow up into hero’s, Jeff Leiken is running his EmPOWERed Life for Teens weekend in the UK, THIS WEEKEND, look at Des Barry’s website HEROPATH for more.