Applying an “Aesthetic Approach”

What interested me about the Japanese art of flower arranging Ikebana when I first heard about it was that they do the arrangement so it looks perfect, but then break one of the stems or flowers so it looks natural not artificial, then it satisfies their aesthetic sensibilities. To me the attention on, or indeed journey to, becoming human, is what the Mythoself® process means to me. The map articulated by Joseph Campbell, the experience referenced by Gurdjeiff, the model explicated by Joseph Riggio.

I think about the Japanese appellation “do”, as in Judo, or Aikido, which means ‘way’. But can’t quite get the phrasing with Mythoself..

For some reason I’m reminded of the Organic Art of William Latham (see but you really need to see the moving version not the static screenshots), I used to have this as a gorgeous screen-saver which I think was on a pre-OS X Mac. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who’d knows of one for OS X (there’s still a version around for Windows as far as I can tell)?

The ‘obvious’ requirements being for an updated version that it takes advantage of the latest technology, so rather than just ‘evolve’ from it’s own internal equations, its fractal geometry references input from external sources such as a web cam (if my probably 5 year old non-digital SLR (Canon EOS 3) can have eye-point focusing, i.e. it focuses where you look) surely a web cam can do something similar…

As for ‘well-formed’, William Latham was partially inspired by H. R. Giger (think the Alien film), and the organic art screensaver looked remarkably like some of the creatures from the Lovecraft books (think the Hellboy film) at times.

When I did a workshop with Phil Farber (Futureritual), we were visualising all sorts of interesting creatures as visual representations (constructed hallucinations) of symptoms. It now seems ‘slightly’ (doh!) more useful to focus on, or through and especially in what works, what you want and where you’re going.

Maybe I should have posted this as part of the Monsters thread, rather than the Aesthetic’s thread… But then I’ve always like to re-write stories to have a happy ending, particularly Frankenstein and Kong.

IT’S called being ALIVE!!!