A CONFESSION about becoming HONEST in SEDUCTION and the PATH to POWER - using the real LAW of ATTRACTION.

I used to think if I could just find the right words to say then the magic would happen and this amazing creature who had enthralled me would look at me differently and see the real me inside and be attracted to that. So I leant seduction techniques and I was good at NLP, and I mean really really good, I’d trained with some of the best people in the world - BOTH original founders and I’d carefully arranged to meet and evaluate pretty much everyone else who was training NLP and those I liked, who demonstrated that they had something real I trained with.

When you’ve done all the certifications, when you’ve got all the frames on the wall and start running out of wall you choose the person rather than the content.

I used to believe that Richard Bandler wasn’t teaching everything he knew that he was keeping the SECRETS back, hidden for those who he deemed worthy and were prepared to pay the price but then after I’d met most of his apprentices and learned from them I still wanted more.

I wasn’t joking about running out of space on the certificates wall as after NLP I learned hypnosis, and not some “fast track” abbreviated version I spent two years going deep into Ericksonian Hypnosis AND while I was doing that did additional training with the people on the reading list I could go and train with.

And then there were the bodywork trainings and the Healer trainings and yet more certificates…

But I still didn’t have the magic words to say - yes I could be EXTRAORDINARILY helpful in terms of someone’s personal development or therapeutic needs. BUT I couldn’t find WHAT to say to HER - It was like SHE had this magic power over me and I stopped being able to speak. I was literally STRUCK DUMB and PARALYSED by her magic.

And I’ve been around a lot of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN - I used to work back stage at fashion shows where they were all NAKED and EXCITED and the sexual tension was unbearable… I used to do the tech stuff for music performances and stage shows - where the audience was even more excited and turned on.

And at some point I got it wasn’t about what I said, it wasn’t about the words. I stopped trying to find the right thing to say - the magic words. And just started saying what I wanted, what I felt and thought.

In many ways I went from being deceitful - looking for what I had to say to her that would make her want to become attracted to me - and I’d done a lot of persuasion and influence training, I’d gone deep into the DARK SIDE and that doesn’t work… And yes MAGICK, PSYCHIC INFLUENCE, MIND CONTROL etc., I studied all of that IN DEPTH. Yes the dark side is attractive and seductive BUT it seduces you with the illusion of power - more things to learn, more techniques to try out, more ammo and weapons for your arsenal of killer seduction techniques that fundamentally DON’T WORK because women can smell the stench of a player, a cheat who lies, someone who is trying to seduce to get what they want. AND THIS IS THE KEY.

Because you can be successful at seduction when you give up on deceit and become honest in your seduction. When you don’t try to be tricky but instead have the confidence to say honestly what you want and what you think.

You get to fuck when you unfuck yourself and stop being fucked up by the deceit and delusions of false seduction. The path to power is though being honest and authentic and dealing with your shit.

Because women will seduce themselves when you are attractive.

It’s the magic of really understanding the LAW of ATTRACTION. Because pretty much everyone I hear speaking about this doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Get two magnets (the ones’s with both ends) - and hold the north end to the other north end or the south end to the south end and feel the push, the repulsion as you try to bring them together. Then do the other way, north end to south end and this time feel the pull, the attraction as you try to keep them apart.


If someone’s trying to add in lots of stuff that’s all confusion and unnecessary and they either don’t know what they are doing or they are misleading you.

So how do you use this then it’s SIMPLE:

Go towards those who you feel that pull towards - that’s real attraction.

Go away from those you feel the push from - that’s repulsion.

Simple yes? But how often do you do this? How often do you try to go towards someone you are literally pushing yourself away from? I didn’t understand this for a LONG LONG TIME… I believed the hype and the lies that because I am a man if I can have the magic words and say them to her she will respond to me in the way that I want… DUMB DUMB DUMB. And there I was around these beautiful naked women trying this shit on not getting I was making myself into the shit.

And that’s not HOT SHIT that’s BAD SHIT.

Think about it, it’s really simple, just move towards those you feel genuine attraction towards. And be honest in speaking about that genuine attraction.

It’s shocking to me know that I couldn’t do this.

But I do understand there is a journey here, and believe me you don’t need to suffer the way I did just stop the stupid false and phoney tricks and start to become a man that women love - someone who is a real man, genuine and honest and trustworthy.

You start this from the inside of course - you have to trust yourself, you have to feel attraction towards you rather than repulsion towards yourself. This is where I needed the most help and now help others with.

I’ll write more soon.