The SuperMan mindset - becoming irresistibly attractive

If you were SuperMan don't you think women would find you irresistibly attractive? This is what I do with clients. I show them how to find that inner superman, which you can access and be when you play to your strengths.

It astounds me that when I’m talking with guys that they want to take their woman on a date where she wants to go, or where they think she wants to go… Often they’re putting so much effort into trying to think of venues or successions of venues of planning the evening so it leads to sex that they end up doing such a mediocre job that they wind up projecting weakness and all the negative traits that push women away.

The real secret is to stop being the logical guy, to stop planning (which isn’t the same as not being prepared - you still need your home to be nice, you still need clean sheets, you still need condoms) but thinking logically as is natural for most men takes away the spontaneity, the essential aliveness, the fun of the interaction with women.

She does not want to know that you have planned to seduce her. She wants it to magically happen because it is right and meant to be.

So how do you make the magic happen?

You make the magic happen by playing to your strengths, you go on a date to where you feel strong, comfortable and capable. This is the SuperMan Secret - you don’t expose yourself to Kryptonite.

So what’s your Kryptonite?

What makes you weak?

What causes you to not be confident?

These are all the things to avoid when you are first dating someone. Later you can let them know the Clark Kent side of you. You start with being SuperMan because when you are in an environment that allows you to play to your strengths you become different, you become more confident and if you identify and choose places when you can access and talk about stuff you are passionate about you convey that passion in your communication, you show you are a passionate man.

So this may sound like a lot of planning - which I started out by saying not to do. It may even sound manipulative like PUA techniques. But it’s about setting yourself up so you can play to your strengths to show yourself off to your advantage. To not expose yourself to Kryptonite. It’s the SuperMan mindset which in my experience with clients they’ve leant to not do. For some reason they hide their strengths, they hide their passions… It doesn’t matter whether it is model trains, stamp collecting or online gaming - what does matter is that you can show passion about something. Because that emotion communicates something vital about you to the woman you want to be with. It makes her want to choose to be with you.

One of the exercises I get clients to work on is to look for where there is Kryptonite in their lives? What makes you be lesser than your best self? That last place you want to take a woman is where you expose yourself to Kryptonite yet it is so often the case that men do this - they forget that the environment affects how they feel.

I work with clients to identify when and where they feel strong like SuperMan - for some this is out in nature, for others it’s doing something they’re passionate about… Some guys have real difficulty with this - just identifying something they are passionate about, if you can't instantly right a list of at minimum 5 things you're passionate about and can talk to a woman about you need to put your attention on working on this right now.

Because it’s the most valuable area you can work on as it’s where your superpower lives, and the more you identify and uncover that powerful, playful, passionate part of you and expose it the more you’ll get what you want with women because they’ll be getting what they want from you.

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