How to make your success in relationships inevitable - And why most people don’t do this.

The secret of how you get yourself to go to the gym is that you decide to go and do just the one exercise you like, maybe that’s a particular machine you enjoy using, or maybe it’s where you get a great view of the lovely young ladies getting all sweaty… But when you tell yourself “it’s only 10 minutes or 15 at the most” that’s usually enough for most people to get themselves there… and if that does sound like too much tell yourself it’s for 5 minutes. Because once you are there you now think: “As I’m here I might as well do another 10 minutes of this other machine I kind of like." This is how the brain works - we naturally like small achievable steps we can take, because we know it’s possible we go and do it.

This is how I work with clients in small achievable steps - success building on success. Because when you have the right feedback you can learn from whatever you are doing, even if it seems like a mistake at the time, with the right feedback you can learn from that experience and get better the next time. I call this making success inevitable.

But interestingly so few people want to do this, most are lured by the idea of the quick win. They want to gamble and win big even though they know the odds are never in their favour.

What would you do? Would you choose the path of guaranteed success? Or do you choose to gamble where you almost certainty will fail?

This “bad learning” we've learnt from living in a culture that teaches us to be consumers, that teaches us we can be happy only when we've bought the next new thing. Yet are we happy?

I used to go to a martial arts class, in the one hour duration of the class maybe the teacher had one minute total of time to put his attention on just me and what I was doing because he’s there to look after the group and in a busy class he has to split his attention between everyone who is there.

Now I have private lessons with that teacher so in a one hour session his attention is focussed solely on me and what I’m doing. I’m getting 60 times as much value from nowhere near 60 times the cost.

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