Becoming the Man Woman Want

Is anyone going to send you a valentine this year?

Or next year?

Or ever?

This used to be me. I thought I would live alone forever. I though I had no hope of being able to be in a relationship because I was a shy introverted guy. I actually feared interacting with women - It was a traumatic response I felt, I literally wanted to run away from women I found attractive.

I thought I was destined to follow a spiritual path, to essentially be a celibate monk. It was either that or kill myself because I couldn't sustain the interaction with a beautiful woman.

But then I discovered neuroscience and neuroplasticity - the idea that you can literally rewire your brain, actually change how you've wired the hardware in your head and change how you respond and how you think and feel.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery (5 years at 40 hours a week or 10 years at 20 hours a week). Well it took me 20 years to go from the basics of being a NLP Trainer and licensed Hypnotherapist to being able to be a master of transformational change. So what does that mean? It means I can conversationally change how you think so you literally experience the world differently. Imagine not having the problems that limit you - what would your life be life? Who would you be with creating a life together in a wonderful loving relationship or even married with children, imagine that!!

I'm on a mission to help introverted shy men like how I used to be get into the relationships we deserve to be in. You don't have to suffer like I did, you don't have to be afraid like I did. Let me share my experience and learning with you. I know I can help, my clients tell me I have transformed their lives.

You can read about what I do here.