The Secret of Authentic Seduction: Becoming the person you want to be by going to the mind gym as well as going to the physical fitness gym

I’m always saying to my clients: “It’s just like going to the gym” when we’re talking about how they need to change their thinking. I’ve said before that how you think is how you see the world, it’s literally your reality and if you are not getting the results you want to be getting in the world you need to change your thinking.

Conversationally I lead clients to an experience of “Going Where the Problem Isn’t™” I literally help them shift their way of thinking so the problems that had stopped them previously don’t exist when they are this way.

Because they are using their brain differently they are processing their experience differently and this is not some closed eyes hypnotic practice this is just purely conversational change work done by someone who has spent years training with many masterful teachers and has embodied the experience he is teaching so I’m sharing what I do from a place of deep knowledge and experience.

Sometimes clients call the work we are doing spiritual, and yes it is “kind of spiritual”. It would be more accurate to say it’s based in transpersonal psychology. And I’m certainly no spiritual teacher. In fact neuroscience as I wrote about previously would just say you are experiencing the world through a different lens because that’s always what we are doing. We’ve built up the existing lens we use from what we learned at school/college/university, from our family and friends, from what we watch on TV from the entire experience of our lives so far.

I like to think of this lens as being built by our mind creating our brain which creates our mind. My simple formula of how neuroplasticity works. And it’s when you start to rewire your brain that you change this lens from one of problems to one of possibility.

I’ve said before this isn’t magic, yes some people go: “Oh I get it!!” And one session with me is all they need. But more often and it’s the reason I recommend the email coaching I do in addition to seeing me in person so we can work literally every day (though I do get weekends off) because this is how you rewire your brain, by the new input - your mind rewiring your brain which changes how you think everyday.

Before I worked this way clients used to come back to see me after making incredible changes the previous week only to tell me they were back to having their problems, and when we spoke about what they’d done in that week they told me about what their friends had said, that had made them change back. They spoke about what their family had said which made them remember to have the problems that they had stopped having though working with me. They spoke about fitting themselves back into the jigsaw puzzle of their lives and squeezing themselves back into the shape that they were that fit in that old life. And giving up the bigger more empowered person that they were on the road to becoming.

They had stopped exercising.

And just like when you stop going to the physical fitness gym if you don’t continue to exercise you lose all of the results you’ve worked at getting in the mind gym.

So now I recommend coming to my mind gym so you’ve always got your personal trainer on hand and you can work every day at rewiring your brain to become the person who gets the results they want. Both for yourself and with others :-)