Making the magic happen - embracing your dark side and escaping your bonds of slavery to the cult of the normal

The fundamental error is believing what you think, and for us introverts it’s our greatest weakness.

As an introvert you have a great relationship with yourself - because that’s who you’ve spent a lot of time with. That’s not true for extroverts, they spend their time with other people… They literally “think out loud” using other people as part of their thinking process. And without that feedback they don’t have the capacity they are used to having. So this makes extroverts great team players, because they are good at connecting with the rest of the team, They NEED to connect to the rest of the team.

By contrast we introverts we go deep rather than go wide.

We’ve explored our depths, though we don’t often like to admit that to others, we don’t like to show our “weirdness”, yet it’s that difference, that depth of character that gives us the realness, the vividness, the colour to others who live in a more grey or even black and white world...

When we choose to share our insights that is, when we choose to share some of our weird, our magic with the mundanes. So am I going all Harry Potter on you? Or do you really have magic?

Most people want to have magic happen to them, they want a magical life, they want to meet magical people and fall in love and have fabulous incredible magical sex. BUT they want the magic to happen to them. They aren’t prepared to go out an make the magic.

This takes a shift in consciousness from being the passenger in your life to getting up and sitting at the driving wheel and grabbing hold and steering yourself out of the skid where you are going to crash and burn and choosing to head in a direction based on intentional choice not on chance.

Which of course is the impossible question - which direction do I go in? Most people have absolutely no idea.

So they follow along with the rest of the group - any group. Because that’s who they are, part of the group. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can rescue yourself from feeling the tidal currents that are pulling you in the direction of everyone else, of mediocrity. And embrace your weirdness, your difference.

Understanding that mythologically you are a labyrinth - a hopelessly complex maze. Or at least that’s how you’ve wired your brain. But to live in fear that at the centre of you, at the centre of the labyrinth here lives a monster is what many of us dread. That if we don’t keep ourselves under control the beast will get out of the cage and do all the things we’re forbidden to do. All those nasty, dirty, filthy, disgusting, sexually depraved explicit pornographic fantasies we don’t want to admit we have because we fear the monster that we think lives inside of us.

Or at least if you’re honest you do.

Or are you too grey and dull to have anything inside of you?

Are you too beaten down by the despair of your life, too shackled to your life as a slave, to have any sense of what freedom would be like for you?

It’s the baby elephant that has a chain tied round it’s leg so it can’t move too far so it learns its limitations, then when it’s older and stronger and able to break the chain it can be kept in place by a thin rope, because it knows it’s a slave.

Is this you?

Are you a slave to the cult of the normal?

To afraid to expose your weirdness to the world.

But you are so sure it is a monster aren’t you?

What if you were wrong? Wouldn’t that be unbelievably tragic?

That you are hiding away something unbelievably beautiful. Something truly magical. The you that when you do come out to play and share that inner self is magnetically attractive, is radiantly beautiful.

But we are so sure of our dark sides aren’t we. That it is too great a risk to let the beast loose.

To let the power out of the box, because that would be to admit we do actually have power. That you are powerful.

That you do have choice, when you admit you have placed the chains on yourself.

When will you let yourself be free?