Getting the buy not the goodbye from all those sexy girls and guys. Becoming naturally charismatic, the Secrets of Attraction part 1.

Any salesperson today knows that the worst thing you can do is generate buyers remorse where they've bought and then later regret buying. Yet most of the men I coach and even some of the women have bought products from pick-up artists or seduction teachers and haven't gotten the results they wanted. They were seduced by the marketing, the promises that were made and not delivered.

Why is this?

In many cases pick-up and seduction is repackaged old salesmanship training what the dodgy car dealer used to do to influence and persuade, to trick you into making a purchase. Or in this case going home with some handsome prince and when you wake up the morning after you find yourself in bed with a frog.

These kind of sales ideas and techniques died out in most places because the internet came along and made the buying process much more transparent. When you can Google different places for prices and read reviews you know when the salesperson is dodgy and lying to you.

Today sales is all about transparency, being authentic and helping the buyer make the best purchase they can. You see most sales people are now called sales advisors because it's recognised they need to be your trusted advisor.

Wouldn't it be nice if getting into an intimate relationship was like this? With both the girl and guy talking honestly about who they are and what they want.

Perhaps you think I'm living on a different planet to everyone else saying this but it is possible to learn how to be naturally charismatic when you communicate congruently, it's understanding communication is more than just the words we say. In fact when you know what you are doing you don't need to say anything, you get the girls or guys to approach you when you communicate the signals of attraction. And that's got nothing to do with flirting and everything to do beginning to become the kind of person that a woman or man can love.

Don't be a frog you really can become a prince among men.