Creating your own happy ever after - What's your story?

Do you have a story? And more importantly are you consciously living it?

Some of the people I work with have no sense of story, it's like they go on the field to play the game, and either lose or win. And then they do the same thing the following day. And the day after that, and the day after that...

They're living like they are asleep. And it's only when they have a peak experience, on holiday climbing a mountain, surfing or snowboarding, parachuting or mountain biking or even when online gaming that they ever wake up and feel truly alive.

If you have no sense of story you will feel lost and alone despite being surrounded by people.

Your story comes from who you are at the most fundamental level. You write it every day by what you do both the actions you take and don't take. Starting a journal and working with a coach can allow you to start to notice what you miss if you try to keep it all in your head.

Most of the people who don't write a journal do so because they feel they don't have anything of value to write. And it can be true that people have bland and boringly repetitive lives. But this is often because you don't see the repetitive circular loops you get caught up in because you are not writing a journal or talking to a coach.

Joseph Campbell who was arguably the worlds foremost mythologist spoke about organ language and that fantasies and imagination arise from the body and that the energies that bring forth fantasies derive from the organs of the body.

He said this before neuroscience has told us that we also think with our heart and our gut (our enteric nervous system).

Most people let their fantasies just be fantasties, dreams that remain forever out of reach. They don't listen to the story that they are telling themselves. If they kept a journal they would start to see the patterns in their lives.

Joseph Campbell spoke about the Call to Adventure - something that you dream about making possible for yourself. That if you don't pursue you'll remain forever unsatisfied in your life. So if you are living an unsatisfied life you want to look for the story that you are denying which is waiting for you to play the staring role in. This is the work I do with clients finding the story they are hiding from playing the star role in.

Because this story is not just about who you are it is about who you are becoming.