It is the coherence of your story that makes you believable and generates trust

It's suddenly become trendy to look at Joseph Campbell's idea of the Hero's Journey as the secret sauce to supercharge your marketing. The film industry have known this for a long time, Christopher Vogler has been running very popular workshops for scriptwriters for over 20 years on the idea and the Star Wars creator George Lucas consulted with Joseph Campbell directly to create the phenomenon that star Wars has become, and there's yet another film coming out at the end of this year which will be wildly successful because Disney now own that franchise.

Why do I say wildly successful? Am I just making the assumption that all Disney films are magically successful? Interestingly they had real problems in recent years till they bought Pixar and used it's top talent to revitalise their own products. You'll see John Lasseter credited in most Disney films. You can read the entire story of Pixar's evolution in Ed Catmull's book Creativity Inc.

I think of myself as deeply mythologically informed because I use these fundamental ideas both while working with personal clients you can read more by following this link and in the work I do helping people with their marketing.

It's not that you have to learn the structure of story or become a screenwriter it's about becoming more aware of the story you are currently telling and consciously thinking through what it is you are saying because most people think communication is the words they say. However the most quoted researcher on non-verbal communication Dr. Albert Mehrabian found that 7% of any message is conveyed through words, 38% through certain vocal elements, and 55% through nonverbal elements that’s a total of 93% as all the stuff other than the words.

In the same way you can become aware of what you are consciously communicating about your business AND what else you are saying but aren't noticing that you are saying it.

I call this becoming coherent about your story.

And just like when you make light coherent you make it into a laser that can be strong enough to cut through physical objects your story when you tell it coherently makes you believable and trustworthy. If you want to be a force for good, you need to use the "force" of your story well told to make the difference you want to be making in the world.