Introvert Marketing 101: It's about how you as an introvert focus, using the secrets of great speakers and trainers part 1.

One of my favourite books is “The Tracker” by Tom Brown. It's a true story of how he grew up spending time with his best friends grandfather a full blood Native American who taught him many of the old ways. Which included the ability to track.

Tracking is about noticing the evidence in the environment for what happened that most people can't see.

In the stories in the book he learns to track different animals and to notice for the signs of what animals had been there.

These are the signs that most people can't see.

Introverts see things that extroverts can't see. We see into the depth of what is there because we pay attention in a more tightly focussed way, for example we're better at fewer relationships, that's our natural preference it's how we are wired. What we want to avoid is the feeling of overwhelm that being around too many people cause in us.

But of course my interest is in what the mind is doing here because that's where we can make changes and get different results for ourselves. For example there's a commonality between one of the secrets of being a great speaker and one of the secrets of being a great trainer.

When you speak to a group of people the secret is to always speak to one person. So you focus on someone in the group and speak to them for a bit, then you choose someone else and speak to them for a bit. If the group is large enough they can't tell who you are directly speaking to but all the people in the area you are looking at feel directly spoken to. It's the same for smaller groups you just speak to one person then move on and speak to another. Part of what you are doing is looking for the reactions of the person you are speaking to. It's just like a conversation with one person where you are "tracking" (and most people do this out of consciousness awareness) all the non-verbals that are part of normal communication.

You track all of that because you need to make sure you are communicating all of that from the front of the room. Remember 7% is the words. You needs to "say" the other 93% as well.

If you are speaking to a really large audience from a stage often the light is so brightly focused on you that you can't see the audience. Most people don't realise that actors and musicians who perform on stage can't see the audience in a large venue. So they need to create the representation of who they are performing to internally rather than see them externally. I'll say more abut this in another post.

Similarly good trainers are always interacting with individual people. At times they may speak to the group as a whole. But that's more a teaching or lecturing role not training. Great trainers are checking that each person has understood and they are mostly doing this in the 93% non-verbal.

So as an introvert with your ability to more tightly focus your attention you can probably see you have the potential to be both a great speaker and a great trainer. The trick is in how we use our focus.

Often I work with people who have gotten stuck focussing on bad or negative possibilities. This is natural because we have a negativity bias wired in. We're still looking out for danger for the sabre toothed tiger to jump out on us from behind the bushes. But the more we can mindfully know this the more we can learn to focus on how we need to be to get the results we want. 

I've written about the Tracker before here and here in a personal development context.

When you understand that you are a system and that who you are now is how you have wired yourself to be there is great cause for hope and celebration because no matter how stuck, no matter how hopeless you think things are you can rewire yourself to literally think differently to become the person who gets the success they want.

I'm an introvert and I stand in front of groups of people and talk to them and I'm not nervous because I know I can focus on one person and talk to them. I'm a great trainer and have the embarrassingly good feedback sheets to prove it because I focus on one person and help them get the results that they want.

It's all in how you use your focus. And you can learn to do it in a way that changes everything for you. This is the fundamental thing to be thinking about in relationship marketing, who am I? It comes before "who do I need to be for my clients to want to buy from me?" 

Because people buy you before they buy what you have for sale. I see so many beautiful people who want to make a difference in the world, coaches, consultants, bodyworkers, healers, therapists and similar people who want to help, the majority of whom are introverts and aren't making the difference they could be making in the world because they are overwhelmed by trying to market themselves and get clients.

This is what this website and blog are about. My mission is to help you make the difference you want to be making in the world, so welcome to this blog and website let me know what you think and what you'd like to know more about.