How to get started.

If what you’re read here resonates with you then you’ll like working with me because I talk like I write. You can book a two-hour session with me for £250. We meet somewhere mutually convenient, more details below. It’s a mixture of walking and sitting and having a coffee. We talk. Nothing strange or upsetting. Ordinary conversation in an ordinary setting. But you’ll get insight into a different way of being that’s possible for you.

For some people I work with that’s enough and they want to do the rest on their own. For others, they book another two-hour session next week or next month because they’re not quite convinced yet. Sometimes this goes on for a while, sometimes you know you need to just get on and do stuff to make progress and I’ve outlined a wide variety of options for working with me below. All the monthly options give you access to me when you need me.

What happens in coaching/mentoring with me?

I work differently to most coaches/therapists/mentors. I work as an advisor, I’m not someone here to tell you what to do, I’m someone to help you find a way that works for you to get the results that you want. If you like this website and my writing you’re going to like working with me.

What this means in practice:

I work in a way that’s right for you. While I prefer meeting in person I get that this isn’t always practical particularly if you live in a different country. I’ve created a text-based guided self-enquiry process that works best via email but has also worked via chat-based apps. We usually start with something text-based but we can also work together in person, it’s all about whatever works for you.

I’m in the UK and often in either Christchurch, Basingstoke, Reading or London but you need to be prepared to travel to where I’ll be but get in touch to talk about possibilities I’m always interested if we’ve already established a working relationship in doing what works for both of us.


I have an ethical fee structure based on viable and sustainable principles where I don’t take more than I need. I’ve gotten results for clients who’ve spent crazy amounts of money and haven’t gotten results with well known “celebrity” coaches like Richard Bandler amongst others. I’m also honest so no magic “instant” fixes that don’t last. So you need to do the work to get yourself out of the mess you’ve done the work to get yourself in.

I charge £125 per hour with a minimum 2-hour session at £250.

Or half day (four hours) at £500 or whole day (8 hours) at £1000. (Half days can be 10-2pm or 11-3pm. Whole days can be 10-6pm, or 11-7pm).

In practice, the whole day will include a working lunch.

Most sessions will include a mix of a walking meeting (because you will be thinking better that way) and we’ll sit and get a coffee for a while, but it all depends on your preferences and what works for you.

I do offer a pay what you can option particularly if you suffer from depression and/or anxiety or you are building a business and wanting to make things better for other people. Contact me to say hello and we can talk about the possibilities using the link below.

I also offer a variety of packages:

  • You can book a 12-month package of bespoke coaching designed around your specific needs for £25,000
  • You can book a 6-month package of bespoke coaching designed around your specific needs for £15,000
  • You can book a 3-month package of 2 face to face sessions per month plus email/text-based coaching for £4000 (saving £500) or email/text-based coaching for £2500 (saving £500)
  • For 2 face to face sessions per month plus email/text-based coaching your investment is £1500 per month. Face to face sessions last around 2 hours and you need to travel to where I am. You can also book extra face to face sessions at £250 per two-hour session.
  • Monthly coaching via email and/or text-based chat is £1000.
  • I charge £1000 per day for in-person coaching/mentoring where you have my uninterrupted attention between 9 am to 5 pm (or 10-6, or 11-7) we’ll also share a working lunch. If you’re travelling from further away you would usually book a two-day session or I also do five-day retreats and we meet at a mutually convenient location. I’ve listed venues I use below. You make your own arrangements with the venue about accommodation.
  • If you just want to meet me to know that I’m a real person and can actually help you we would normally do this via email or text-based chat but some people do prefer to meet in person. You can do this by booking a two-hour session with me for £250. This is non-refundable for new clients who I haven’t worked with before.


Other than the no refund for the two-hour session to new clients I offer an unconditional money back guarantee on a per session basis. I’ll ask you at the end of the session, or halfway through the day or morning or afternoon sessions whether you’re getting value from the work we’re doing together, if you’re not I’ll refund the money for that session. 

I’ve never had to do this because I’m very good at what I do. My clients book the packages because they want to ensure my availability to them, so they get a discount for committing to do the work they need to do.

The reason for the no refund to new clients for the two-hour session is I only want to work with people who are committed to getting results they want, I don’t want to work with people who are trying “yet another” person and “hoping” that something will work for them. I can get you results, but you need to do the work to get the results you want.

Obviously, this is intensive work so I have a very limited number of places for clients. At a minimum, you’ll get a response within 24 hours, usually much sooner. But you should remember when I’m running an intensive (which is more often at a weekend) I’m fully focussed on the client I’m with so you’ll get a response early in the day or later at night or at a lunch or coffee break.

You’ll know if you want to work with me if you like what I’ve written on this website because how I write is how I talk. You can get a payment link only after we’ve established that we want to work together.

Contact me to say hello and to see if we are a good fit for each other.


In Christchurch Dorset, there is a range of quality accommodation available that you need to pay for separately from the 5 star Chewton Glen, to the highly recommended Christchurch Harbour Hotel, or the Captain’s Club Hotel.

Depending on where you are we can discuss what is a mutually convenient venue. Get in touch to talk about possibilities I’m always interested if we’ve already established a working relationship in doing what works for both of us.