The Hero's Journey - Are you answering your Call to Adventure?

This was Joseph Campbell's masterwork he wrote about it in his book: "The Hero with a Thousand Faces".

The fundamental idea being that there is one story that all cultures have had throughout time which is the hero's journey.

And that there is a structure to this journey.

George Lucas who created Star Wars worked with Joseph Campbell to create the success that Star Wars became based upon this structure.

Now in the Force Awakens we have new hero's going on their journeys.

But why about you, do you feel that more is possible for you? Is your adventure waiting for you and you just haven't managed to get started on your journey.

Your adventure could be the relationship you have always dreamed about where life is incredible being with this person, and not just sexually but having an incredible experience living with this person.

Your adventure could be starting and building the successful business that gives you the experience of life that you have always wanted.

Or the adventure could just be you have the experience of your life, where you are on the path to who you were meant to be becoming.

All of these adventures require a journey of their own to find the mentor, the guide to get you on your path to who you could become. This is the story of the Force Awakens, the search for Luke. The search for the mentor who can get you to where you can't get by yourself.

What would be possible for you with me as your thinking partner? With someone who can get you unstuck and back on with the adventure and living life having the experiences you want to be having. Imagine this it is possible when you have help.

Book personal coaching or business coaching with me and get started on your adventure or back on track to where and who you want to be.

Is the Dark Side of the Force being used against you?

Yes you really do have "the Force" within you.

They used to call it the "unconscious mind" a Force that you had no control over except for those who developed hypnotic powers who could control you through your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis has a long history and it's in everyday use in your life. Against you.

Yes you are being influenced and in many ways controlled and reacting unconsciously and so making choices you don't consciously want. 

This is the evil trick, the manipulation of the "dark side" of the Force. Because it's your unconscious that is manipulated you don't consciously realise it. You just think your thoughts not realising that they are not your thoughts.

It's not your fault that you don't have the life you want, that you don't have the success you want, the perfect relationship, the money, wealth and prestige. That you don't have the dream that is just a dream and that instead you suffer and miss out.

But it is your fault now that I have told you this if you don't start to do something about it. You need to join the resistance.

Now that you are consciously thinking about what you want you can take the action and make choices to make progress towards getting what you want.

But this has to start with your thinking and the Force.

Are you using the Force to get what you want and make a positive difference in the world or is the Force being used against you so that others get what you could have had?

Today we don't think of "the unconscious" in Freudian terms as this power that controls you. But that doesn't mean advertising, propaganda and influence suddenly stop working.

Through neuroscience we know that the brain is modular and we consciously use parts of it and other parts we don't consciously use but those "unconscious parts" do feed in to the conscious parts.

We also know the brain isn't fixed at a certain age, the brain is neuroplastic. And through neurogenesis continues to grow.

So how are you growing your brain?

Are you using the Force of your brain to get what you want?

Or are other people controlling your brain, controlling what you think so your brain grows how they want it to grow and you think the thoughts they want you to think?

If you don't have the life you want and you think miserable and unhappy thoughts who has done that to you?

You get the success you want by starting to take control of yourself.

You have to learn to hack.

But the most important hardware and software to hack is your brain and your mind.

You do this by using the Force.

Rewiring the hardware of your brain so the software runs better. Updating the software to get rid of the bugs that fuck your life up.

Neuroscience tells us: "The mind creates the brain which creates the mind".

You use the Force of your mind to rewire the physical hardware, this is the process of neurogenesis. Then the hardware, your brain runs the software (what you think) more effectively.

I help people do this. It's called Behavioral Medicine. I help you reprogram yourself. Dehypnotise yourself from what other people have programmed you with so you can think for yourself and think about what you want and take the action to go and get that

Star Wars The Force Awakens - are you awakening the Force within you?

So yes this is a continuation of my series on "The Self Esteem Cure", I'd been waiting till I'd seen the new Star Wars The Force Awakens because I wanted to write about Joseph Campbell.

In creating the first Star Wars film and the first series of three (episodes 4-6) George Lucas got Joseph Campbell in as a consultant to help with the story.

And this is the structure of those first three episodes Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.

Joseph Campbell was a mythologist - he studied myth, the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation because they contain wisdom that's powerful to teach the next generation.

Yet did you think the definition of "myth" was something that is untrue or something that doesn't exist? 

That's normal today, we live in a world where most people have lost that connection to their own power.

It used to be when you got to a certain age you had to face an initiation ritual - you went on a vision quest or were "helped" to do this by getting staked out in the burning sun for days or "tortured" in a gentle way. While they didn't want you to die you did need to be pushed beyond your everyday limited view and conception of what you believed. A that took a journey.

Today many people feel a longing, a realisation that there could be more to their life but drown that force in alcohol or TV or casual meaningless sex. 

This "longing" is what Joseph Campbell called the Call to Adventure.

And it's how the Force Awakens starts.

There's this guy with a shit job who knows what he's doing doesn't fit. He's not like those around him, he doesn't fit in. 

He goes to work everyday and gets ordered what to do and told to not think for himself.

And because he realises he can't continue to live a lie when the opportunity presents itself he acts and chooses to do good, to make a difference in the world.

Then there's this young woman who's a scavenger, getting by on what she can find and get money for. Living from payday to payday, meal to meal.

And when for her opportunity presents itself she chooses to go out of her way, even though she does it reluctantly because she knows it is the right thing to do.

Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey is about ordinary people doing something extraordinary, which most people think they can't do.

And yes looking at it from the position of little you, you know you can't face the evil of the First Order - your employer!!

You know you are just scraping by and can't afford to do any more, you need to work to eat.

This is where most people live in lives of Low Self Esteem where they are a little person of no consequence. Watching the real hero's on TV playing the game living large on the field of life.

Yet do you feel the call?

The Call to Adventure is about knowing more is possible for you.

But will you answer or continue to deny that call?

Is the Force Awakening in you? A Force that has power and could be the foundation of something extraordinary in your life. An extraordinary life.

I'll write more about how to do this - how to answer the call.

Make the Shift from Martian to Human - The Low Self Esteem Cure part 4

In his new book "The Truth" Neil Strauss author of the infamous "The Game" which chronicled his adventures learning pick-up and seduction skills gets to fix all the mistakes he's made by becoming a pick-up artist.  

He goes on a journey to become the best version of himself.

I've written about this idea in a number of different ways because it's central to the work I do. And that's the idea that the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

Low self esteem is when you have a low quality relationship with yourself.

High self esteem is when you've done the work - built the competency, as we were talking about previously to have a high quality relationship with yourself. 

In many ways it's a very simple idea. Do the work to upgrade yourself and you'll feel better about yourself.

What's important to understand is that as soon as you start you are starting the process of neurogenesis - you are starting to rewire your brain to be the better version of you.

In the film: "The Martian", Matt Damon gets left behind alone on Mars when an accident happens and he has to work out how to survive.

He does that by focussing on the next problem to be solved, then the next problem after that. He doesn't go: "I'm in an impossible situation I should give up and die." He just focusses on the next thing to be doing. 

The idea of neurogenesis, of rewiring your brain can sound like an overwhelming job. But you do it thought by thought. The mind creating the brain which creates your everyday mind as I've written about before.

In his new book Neil chronicles his visits to and experience of many different therapeutic approaches.

As someone who works with behavioural medicine (the practical application of neuroscience) I'm helping clients evolve themselves to become the person they want to be, the best version of themselves that has higher self esteem because you can see the progress you have made. 

As Neil realises the perfect relationship is not living with a harem of women in a polyamorous relationship because if you can't make it work with one any more makes it worse not better!! 

And of course the one he eventually realises he needs to sort out the relationship with is himself. Real relationships are human relationships where we are more fully in touch with our humanity. Joseph Campbell described life as the journey to becoming human.

How fully human are you in your interactions with others? 

Another Joseph Cambell quote is: The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. 

The more fully you can be yourself in relationships the more attractive and naturally charismatic you are. 

This is the work I do with clients. 

Neil Strauss’s new book The Truth

This is Neil talking about going into therapy to sort out his relationship issues caused by becoming a pick-up artist as he wrote about in one of his previous books “The Game”.

Neil is a very very good writer and chronicles his journey in an interesting and very readable way.

In the same way Neil so clearly articulated the story of the pick-up and seduction community he’s done the same this time but for how to get a relationship that works rather than how to do pick-up and seduction.

If you are still at the stage of looking at pick-up and seduction products and training then I'd encourage you to read Neil's new book because he comes to the conclusion that I've been speaking to for many years that the most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself and when you get that right all your other relationships begin to work as well.