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StoryOS is the story of you. The thinking that you live inside of that you believe to be true.

The world is changing but are you?

It’s the lack of a future you believe that creates anxiety and depression. But you can create your future and when you make it so exciting it literally pulls you towards it.

You don’t think about the story you live inside inside of it’s just what’s happening to you.

But when you add intentionality to your mindfulness extraordinary things become possible, things that weren’t possible before.

So intentionality + mindfulness = Extraordinary things becoming possible

Intentionality is the ability to hack your own code and rewrite the rules that you run out of awareness that control what is possible for you.

StoryOS is that code, the story you live inside of and you can wake up and become conscious of the stories that limit you and write new code, a new story, new thinking where you are confident and can get what you want.

StoryOS is a pragmatic or applied way of working with neuroscience about understanding

Here are some of the applications of this technology or you can read about what StoryOS is by clicking here:

What’s your wealth and success story? Do you even have one?
YOU are always the biggest limitation AND cause of success in your life. Your story, how you think about wealth and success either enables or disables your results.

Are you someone who has let their opportunities for wealth and success get lost in your Shadow so you think of people who have wealth and success negatively? That they are bad people raping and pillaging planet earth for their own gain and screwing anyone they can? This is the energy of your Shadow the unconscious part of you where all that you consciously find repulsive and repugnant lives inside you. It’s the monster from every scary movie or TV show that truly frightens you because it’s resonating with something inside you.

What’s your relationship story?

What’s your health story?

What’s your story about the future? Do you have confidence in your future?

What’s your spiritual story?

What’s your marketing story?

The Hero’s Journey
Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is often thought of as the adventure you hear the call to go an join and you go and have the experience of your life.

So it’s interpretation is usually external as in you need to leave home and go to this place.

But it’s also internal that you need to find the hero inside yourself and external change is preceded by making those changes internally first.

So if your thinking, the story you tell yourself doesn’t allow you to get the result you want you have to change that story.

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