The Power of the Dark Side: The Value of Shadow Work in regaining access to your Primal Power - How to Become a Jedi part 5

When I’m working with a client we’re doing what is sometimes called “Shadow Work” in that we are reclaiming their power that they have lost access to. This is also what happens in a “Shamanic Journey” where you recover lost parts of your soul.

I do this in a conversational way - Like one of my teachers and mentors Stephen Gilligan I don’t like using the word “hypnosis” because it disempowers the client, you don’t want to be any more asleep than you already are, you want to begin to wake up to the possibilities that you could be actualising.

This takes awareness of what I call the “Social Algorithm” that we are fundamentally tribal people and react behaviourally in a programmed way following a set of rules - and whether you argue that is a genetically programmed way or memetically programmed way it’s still an unconscious automatic response.

So we naturally look for who is the leader and where our place is in the group.

We naturally look for what to do - what the rules are from those around us.

We want to fit in to the group that we identify with. Which could be the group that defines itself by not fitting in with a larger group.

This is the matrix that the Social Engineer lives within.

The Social Engineer has the awareness and power to move within this matrix and manipulate it through understanding the distinctions that they and other people make.

If you don’t have power - and I’ll define power here as simply the ability to get what you want.

If you don’t have the power to get what you want you will never get it no matter how much you struggle and try different routes, clever ideas, or buy products that guarantee that they have done it and now you just need to follow their guaranteed formula.

Because YOU can’t do it - the gravity of the social reality around you prevents you from taking flight.

Yet when you do have power and there may be times when you’ve had this experience in your life where life just works and there’s no effort required. The weight that has held you down just isn’t there.

Sometimes you may think this is true for you after a few too many drinks or when you are on the drug of your choice, whether that is caffeine or something stronger. But impairing your ability to think is the opposite of enhancing your ability to think.

So how come you sometimes get what you want?

That the obstacles just weren’t there.

That your astrology prediction actually worked for a change.

That your deity was listening and responded favourably.

That you were a winner, this time.

How can you do this intentionally?

You do this by regaining access to your power.

We give up our power to fit in with the social algorithm- the rules of our culture and society.

To be a good boy or good girl - to be normal - is the rule set we have to follow and the programming we are indoctrinated with.

Yet by definition being normal is not being successful. Yes you are successful at fitting in at being part of the tribe. But being “successful” as most people define it is stepping out of the role of tribe member to being a leader, having the power to go:

“I’m OK with being different."

"I’m OK with not everyone liking me."

“I LOVE my self because I’m unique, different, weird and strange."

This is defying the cultural programming - breaking the rules. And making up your own rules for how you define success, how you define what you want and going and getting that.

Your power - what I usually refer to as “Primal Power” you’ve hidden away from yourself both to keep it safe and because you are afraid to use it. But that doesn’t mean it is not still there, even if you only let it out to play on occasion or when you’ve sufficiently tranquillised your willingness to obey the rules.

You can’t access your power cognitively - it’s not: “do this technique and you’ll get a result.” You are too clever for that to work. You knew that wasn’t a safe place to hide something so precious and so valuable.

Your power is hidden out of your conscious access - it’s like it’s just out of reach of your conscious mind. You have an awareness that it there, but your thinking mind can’t grasp it.

Yet sometimes it’s there and you are living life like you were meant to - fully present, fully embodied in a peak experience.

This power is accessed through a shift in consciousness,

It’s extending your awareness further than society wants it to go - beyond the social algorithm to where you have a sense of truly being alive of being untamed rather than domesticated.

It’s accessing and feeling your living life force.

Jedi mind power is Social Engineering - How to become a Jedi part 4

Jedi mind power is Social Engineering.

Social Engineering is applied real world hypnosis and NLP.

The keywords here are APPLIED, and REAL WORLD.

Have you learnt NLP and/or Hypnosis and can't get the results you want?

  • You haven't made the changes you know you need to make.
  • You aren't getting the clients and making the money you want.
  • You've gotten over the "high" of being on the training and find the real world very different to the classroom.

Social Engineering is using the tools of Persuasion and Influence to get results.

It's about being believed by the other person.

And yes there is a dark side which is how you usually hear about it where you hear about someone being conned, or tricked as part of a hack.

The Social Engineer understands they live in a social world, this is the matrix that they play within. It's the reality that is invisible to most people because they just respond to their social programming.

And that programming is so powerful that people kill themselves when they feel they don't fit in.

  • That they can't take another week working at a job that disconnects them from everything that feels worthwhile.
  • That their peers, their friends, their colleagues don't accept them and they can't show the truth of who they really are which they keep hidden.
  • If you are a hypnotist or trained in NLP or any other coaching or healing technology you are not just working with the client but if you want to be successful you are also working with their social reality.

And you are working with your own social reality.

I've written about this before it's Gregory Batesons description of what Milton Erickson was really doing that most hypnotists and hypnosis trainers don't understand and can't do.

There's a Zen cartoon I love of one fish talking to the other fish saying: "What's this thing called water then?"

This is your social reality, it's who you are at the most fundamental level. And it's invisible to you.

Social Engineering can be used for good, you can use it to empower yourself, to wake yourself up to the matrix, the reality that you live in. To take control.

Wearing a hoody doesn't make you a bad guy, just as hacking doesn't make you a bad guy, it's the media who have taken over this word, this idea. It always used to mean writing beautiful code. Having that aesthetic way of seeing the world where the filter you are looking through lets you notice for beauty. This was Steve Jobs talent and the driving force behind Apple's success.

One of my favourite hoody wearers was a gentleman by the name of Obi Wan the embodiment of what it is to be a social engineer.

Most people will respond and do what you want when you are thinking about and able to use the context of the social situations that you live within.

But you need to expand your mental capacity to be able to think this way, to be able to conceptualise the multiple perspectives that you live within.

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How to become a Jedi part 3 - Change Your Story

You are living inside a story but you think it is real because you believe what you are thinking.

But it's not just you who is creating this story.

It's what your family, friends, the people you work with tell you about how the world is.

And what you watch on TV, the movies you watch, the games you play, the books you read.

And what you think other people think about you.

All this thinking is a story making process.

And it's only as real as you think.

Wise men and women in traditional cultures have known for thousands of years that what someone believes is true, is true for them.

This is how a voodoo priest kills and it's how today's behavioural medicine works.

If you live inside your thinking mind what you think and believe is reality, is true for you. You are dreaming with your eyes open.

So if you are getting what you want out of life this is helpful information if you want to persue spiritual or material development.

If you aren't getting what you want if your life is a horror movie rather than a love story you need to change your story.

You need to wake up from being asleep at the wheel of life before tragedy becomes the theme of your story.

You need to stop drinking and doing things that numb you to the pain of your story because pain is a symptom of the real disease which is really killing you.

You need to start to become the author of your story, the director of the movie where you are the star, the voice that stands out from the background noise.

This is the path of the warrior.

Remember the real war is always within yourself.

You need someone on your side to win. 

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How to become a Jedi part 2 - the choice between dissatisfaction and satisfaction

There's a fundamental choice between dissatisfaction and satisfaction that you are making in every moment.

The more awareness you bring to each moment the more you can choose for the experience you want to be having as opposed to remaining stuck and being dissatisfied.

So instead of having a fixed mindset and going: "this is how things are". You realise the reality of life is growth and change.

So things are changing in every moment, you just have to have the awareness to notice that change. This is called mindfulness.

We learn to think in a way which freezes reality, it's like we take a snapshot - a still image rather than realise the movie is ongoing, and has movement and life.

The world has changed but in our mind we are still holding this conception of how we think it is - but we are always wrong and where we are aiming is off, which is why we so often miss getting what we want, we can never hit the target of success.

Thinking is too slow. But we think we are our thinking so this creates a great deal of fear because we feel out of control.

And if we live in our thinking mind we are out of control.

But there is a deeper you that is underneath your thinking mind, that's just the surface you.

And the more you let that deeper you come out to play the more you have a direct experience of the world not mediated by your thinking mind.

This is your natural mind, the you that is in touch with the natural world around you.

The you that feels things need to change but your thinking mind talks you in to letting things stay as they are - because you are comfortable, because it's scary to do something different, because your thinking mind is afraid.

Some people live their entire lives in this thinking mind, living in fear.

They've forgotten who they really are.

If you are miserable and unhappy and experiencing dissatisfaction that's what your thinking mind is doing.

The first step on the path to enlightenement is realising you are not your thinking mind and what it is currently thinking.

You are something deeper.

And you have a choice.

You can choose to feel in the now that you naturally live in satisfaction.

It's not satisfaction about...

Because that's stepping back into thinking.

Satisfaction in just being which is why breathing is the foundation of many types of meditation.

You just need to breathe.

And feel the presence of your body.

This is called being alive.

Wake up to your natural warrior nature. 

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Becoming Jedi - How to change the world so we all survive part 1

It always starts with you because if you can't change yourself you can't change others. 

Let's talk about how you talk to yourself.

Are you your own best friend or are you telling yourself that it won't work and you are not going to like the result?

That you will fail again?

That you will be unhappy?

That you will have a life of continuing suffering?

That you will lose all the good stuff you have and you'll end up homeless and on the street and you know you wouldn't survive that, you'd get beaten up and raped and eventually murdered?

Does that sound extreme?

You may not have consciously taken it to the logical end of the thinking process as I did but if you are telling yourself you are going to fail that unconscious tragic end is hidden in the story.

Even if you get some success you will sabotage yourself eventually if you allow this infection to go untreated.

It's natural to focus on the negative, on problems. We all have a natural negativly bias. But wise men and women have told the story of the two forces within you for thousands of years. Whether you feed the Good Wolf or the Bad Wolf inside you, whether you pray to God or the Devil or whether you embrace the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force.

Whatever you practice you get better at, so the more you talk to yourself about how it's not going to work the more your life won't work.

This is self directed neuroplasticity - you are wiring your physical brain by what your mind thinks so your everyday thoughts follow that pattern. That you make yourself fail rather than succeed.

This is the theme of the film Tomorrowland that stars George Clooney and Hugh Laurie that we can either build a world that we dream of or destroy ourselves and our world.

And we do that by thinking.

Are you adding to the darkness or being a light making things brighter and better?

Because if you can't do that for yourself you can't do that for the world.

How you do that for yourself is to become a warrior.

The first war is always with yourself.

The inner battle that either destroys you - which is Anakin's story in Star Wars 1-3. That through anger and fear he makes choices that lead to the destruction of what he loves and to himself.

You can choose to become a warrior, to be a light in the darkness, to be Jedi. Or will you let the Dark Side consume you?

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