The Real Law of Attraction is about Neuroscience, Spirituality and Shadow work. Where you recover your power by stopping sabotaging yourself.

In today’s world, we so rely on the social media signals that we’ve learnt to ignore the biological signals or how we really know what is true. I’ll show you how you can “wake up” and discover your truth and reclaim your power.

We so overthink and rely on the data in our head we’ve learnt to ignore the data that comes from our heart.

The mind in our head is naturally evaluative, we’re highly critical judges or think we are though we tend to forget that social media is manipulated not showing us the full real truth. 

And the mind in our heart, yes we experience reality with our hearts as well, it just doesn’t do this evaluation that the thinking mind in our head does. Instead, it feels. It picks up different signals. Not WiFi or Bluetooth but natural biological life energy signals. But we’ve learned to ignore this and put our attention on what we think even though we know there is fake news out and the anxiety we feel is from this confusion of trying to understand what’s true when we live in a world that’s mostly lying to us.

The real law of attraction isn’t about thinking and wishing. If you believe that you’ve been tricked by the marketing hype.

As a child, you may have gotten two magnets and found that the North Pole attracted the South Pole there was this force that pulled them together called magnetism. And that the North Pole repelled the North Pole just as the South Pole repelled the South Pole. This is so obvious that we forget it. We want an intellectually satisfying reason why someone is attracted to us. And because of this miss what our heart is trying to tell us.

Fundamentally this is about your natural life energy. What the Chinese call Qi, the Japanese call Ki and in India they call it Prana and it’s got many other names. In the West, it’s called spirit or soul. But for many people, they don’t believe it exists and so strongly believe with their thinking mind that the judgements they have are to deny it’s existence so intensely that they call the people who do believe “frauds”. Just look at Wikipedia, and it’s hatred of acupuncture, a medicine with 2000 years of written history and testing and application and learning.

I’m not asking whether or not you believe in acupuncture, I’m asking do you believe in your natural life energy or do you think you are a machine that can be repaired at the local hospital when you go wrong?

Because this mechanical way of seeing the world is what we learn in school. We learn Newtonian physics Sir Isaac Newton was alive between 1642 – 1727 more than a little while ago. And that’s not the current scientific paradigm or what is believed to be true which is Einstein’s Quantum physics and even that is nearly 100 years old. So we are still learning to think with ideas that are several centuries older.

Newton had a clockwork model of the universe where everything it was ordered and worked, well like clockwork. So how true is this of how you think about reality and how your life works? That things should have their place, and you should understand what’s going on. We learnt this at school, but you probably haven’t updated yet. We were taught what was true in the 1700s when western doctors of medicine at that time didn’t believe in washing their hands when going from the mortuary to the maternity wards and so killed as many babies as they delivered healthy babies. Google Ignaz Semmelweis to check for yourself.

But we believe what we think and we mostly don’t think for ourselves we believe social media even though we know it’s fake news.

I mentioned acupuncture and western medicine because many people have strong views on one or the other. If you visit your local doctor, they may have an acupuncturist at the surgery, or the doctor may think it’s nonsense. Even the experts disagree.

So what do you do?

You should listen to me and do what I tell you 🙂 

Because I have an agenda for you. I have a cunning plan to manipulated you and take advantage of you. But at least I’m open about that. My agenda for you is to get you to think for yourself.

But think not just with your IQ or intellectual intelligence but think with your other multiple intelligences as well. Because many men and women who are intellectually strong are weak in emotional intelligence or body intelligence or sexual intelligence.

Because how you fail, how you sabotage yourself is not by doing what you know is wrong but by doing what you think is right and don’t understand is wrong. Because what works for someone else may not work for you.

It’s the luxury of modern world diseases that are caused by lifestyle where we’ve created our own problems and sickness.

And usually, we’re trying to treat the symptom rather than the cause of the disease.

Most people are so sure they are right because of all the information we have available to us today, but they’re in the process of driving off the edge of a cliff because they’re not really thinking, but their navigation system told them to.

Really thinking includes looking for where you are wrong which in traditional societies was pointed out to you by your tribe where everyone cared for each other. But today everyone is an individual and the tribe has become social media, and the leaders are celebrities.

This is what’s making you sick and why you feel bad. You are given rules to play by that set you up to fail.

Most people live in endless dissatisfaction and anxiety because their life isn’t how it should be. But where did you get that “should be” from?

Do you think it might have anything to do with the $500 billion spent each year on advertising telling you that if only you bought this particular thing, then you would be happy? And if you don’t have it, you’ll be unhappy. But then when you have that, there’s the next thing, then the next thing…

You’re asleep in a bad dream but are you afraid to wake up to a reality that’s even worse?

You’re in prison, but it’s a prison of prosperity with golden bars and the comfort of where you are not noticing that the water is getting warmer and you’ll soon be cooked.

Many people use spirituality to try to feel better, and mindfulness has become perverted into just feeling good.

But you can follow a Way. A path where you evolve yourself where you work at waking up to the reality of your life not tranquillising yourself with the drugs of your choice.

This is neurogenesis a term from neuroscience where you literally grow your brain, and so grow your thinking.

I’m not talking about psychological theories I’m talking about observable realities.

That when you upgrade your hardware you get smarter, but you also need to find and fix the bugs in your software, your thinking.

You need to work on yourself consciously to become more conscious, so you can see the errors in your thinking where you sabotage yourself and habitually cause yourself to fail.

Many people also see this as spiritual because you are evolving yourself and on a conscious path to evolve yourself.

I used to skip school to go to libraries and bookshops and I pretty much lived in the “Mind Science” section. Because I stuttered and couldn’t communicate I was highly motivated to fix myself. So motivated I was educating myself rather than wasting time at school.

So I studied as much spirituality and meditation and mindfulness as psychology because they were in the same section.

40 years later when I now study with people like Ken Wilber I can see that path back to my young teenage self who got that he had to do the work to find the answers to the problems he had.

And yes I learnt the confidence to speak without stuttering, to run trainings for groups of people because I got to love learning so while I worked as a therapist, I also continued to train with people who fascinated me.

Confidence is about how you feel on the inside, your mindset and also evolving yourself to become aware of how you sabotage yourself.

You sabotage yourself by hiding things you don’t like from yourself. You hide these secrets in your Shadow, the part of yourself you don’t want to acknowledge exists. I can show you how to learn to love your shadow and reawaken your natural sexual energy and become a whole man or woman where you have access to your natural aliveness where you experience the pure joy of being alive.

There is a continuum of at one end being connected to the future that you are creating and the power and energy that fills you with and at the other end feeling disconnected and the lack of energy and aliveness that manifests as anxiety and depression.

We disconnect from our natural joy and power because we live in a culture that sexualises pretty much everything including the charge we have around negative things where we’ve been hurt and wounded.

Energetically that charge is just a charge it’s not good or bad it’s just an increased amount of energy, but if we think of it as bad and unacceptable, we hide it out of view in our Shadow. But just because it’s hidden, that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting us for many people it’s driving their experience and sabotaging their lives.

Fundamentally this is about evolving yourself and becoming smarter.

Evolving how you think but understanding this isn’t just about intellectual intelligence, it’s about being embodied and realising that real embodiment means that you are your body not only your thinking mind. And because you are your body, your emotions drive your thinking even if you don’t think that.

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